10 Most Popular & Free Live TV Streaming Sites 2023

We live in a smart world where our phone has got TV and our TV has internet! Then why are you still complaining about not having enough time to watch Live TV? It is time that we appreciate the technology and make most of it. A big-screen TV is surely fun and relaxing to watch but let’s face it you can’t take your TV everywhere. And meanwhile you don’t wanna miss out on your favorite TV shows or Live TV news! So the best way to keep up with TV is to go to the Live TV Streaming sites!
Some people believe it’s a tedious work to find a good site to watch live tv and it’s even harder to watch your favorite shows or news as there are lots of pop up ads or registration processes. And lastly, the quality of videos may or maybe that good. And not to forget some websites are malicious and harmful for your device. But that’s not the truth at all. If you got a good website for Live TV Streaming then you don’t have to worry about the quality or the availability of the shows.
Since there are a number of sites present online which claim to provide you the best experience but not all of them are good enough and live up to your expectations. And that’s why you need us. We have gone through many live tv streaming websites and found you the top 11 websites on which you can rely on. So let’s find out which ones are the best for you.

Free Live TV Streaming Sites

1. Time4TV

If you are looking for a global platform to enjoys the shows around the world then Time4TV should be your first choice. You can way h tv from USA, UK, Canada and even some Hindi channels from India. So it’s kinda a complete package. But at what price? Well, you are lucky that it’s completely free of cost to use.
It’s a trustable website to watch live tv streaming content and you won’t face many issues with it. And the best part about the website is it’s also a blessing for sports lovers! How because it has got all the popular sports channel. The list of sports channels includes Sky Networks, BT Sports, Sony Network, Star Network, ESPN, NBA TV and many more.
The website will provide different live tv streaming links for each channel. The multiple links for each channel will ensure you to have access to the channel in case one of two links fail. You can just search for the channel or the content you wanna watch and you will get results within a few minutes. It’s easy to use and has an intuitive interface. The only drawback would be it’s pop up ads. And if the site isn’t working in your country, you can use the VPN.

2. TVPlayer

TVPlayer is also one of the best sites to stream live tv content. The site is popularly known for providing over 80 channels and among them, 60 are free to watch. This is a UK based website which streams UK’s content. Although it’s available in the UK only but they are going to expand their reach in the US, Canada and other European countries.
This one is also a popular website and it even has a mobile app where you can subscribe to it for more benefits. Where you can record the tv shows to watch them later. And it’s subscription can also use for up to 5 devices at one time. So for catching up with UK TV content, this should be your go-to site.

3. Yupp TV

When it comes to watching Indian content, there is no better site then Yupp TV. This is one of the leading sites to watch Indian channels and that without paying. The website is also available in the app version so it will be easier to navigate. You will be happy to know that the website is available in many countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Middle East, Singapore, Canada, etc.
You will find a huge range of content here and that too in different languages in India. You will find leading Hindi channels, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi, and Bengali. This one is available in both paid and free version. A free trial of the paid version is also available. Overall it is one of the best sites to watch free live tv streaming and it’s also reliable.

4. Hotstar

Everyone is aware of this name as it has become one of the most popular online live tv streaming platform. You will find everything here, from movies to sports. All the Indian tv shows are available for free and you can watch some amazing movies for free too.
If you want everything in the live tv streaming site then this is definitely for you. As here you can find several news channels (including business news channels) and some sports channels too. It is also a trustable website to rely on for your tv needs. Although some international content needs a subscription so you might wanna pay for that. Overall it’s a great website as well as an app when it comes to watching TV shows and programs.

5. Pluto TV

Pluto TV has also made its mark among the live tv streaming sites with its amazing tv content and hassle-free navigation. On this one you will find about 100 TV channels along with some tv shows and movies that you can watch for free.
It’s a free live tv streaming website so you will find pop up ads here and there. Apart from live tv channels, you can also demand for some movies and TV shows that you wanna watch and the platform will try to provide you with it. It is a fully licensed platform as they have partnered with 80 distributors.

6. Squid TV

Squid TV is our next choice for our list of best sites to watch free live tv streaming. It is a global platform which is available in many countries around the globe! And the website provides global content too. For your convenience, all the content and channels are categorized according to country so you can easily find what you were looking for. It’s also categorized according to language and genre.
It’s easy to use and with a simple layout and navigation system as you can easily find the channels and content with the help of it’s easy to use guide.

7. Free TV

Free TV is also one of the best website to watch live tv content on your phone. Just as its name suggests it’s also free of cost and doesn’t require any subscription. But you won’t find many premium channels on this website. But if you are looking for FTA channels this one is definitely made for you.
This website is kinda like a whole package as you can find entertainment channels, kids channels, movies channel, music, sports and more. All these channels are from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Indian subcontinent, European countries, the middle east and so on. It’s a legal source and features a few ads.

8. Stream2watch

Stream2Watch is another website to what h free live tv. It’s also very popular in western countries for its availability of popular channels from various countries. These countries are the USA, Canada, Itlay, Russia, Spain and other European countries. If you want to watch sports channels then you can switch to its sports channels with just a tap.

9. TVCatchup

TVCatchup should also be on our list of best websites to watch free tv channels. You will find many UK channels and that too for free. Its easy navigation will also impress you. Although you may find a number of ads here and there. Overall it’s one of the best sites to watch FTA channels from the UK for free.

10. Hulu

Hulu is one of the most preferred platforms to watch free live TV streaming. It is available in both free and paid version. But you will find a decent amount of TV to watch for free. There are several movies and TV shows are also present to watch.

11. HyfyTV

HyfyTV is also one of our favorite sites to watch live tv streaming platform. Many European and Indian channels are available to watch. People love it for it’s simple to use interface and fewer ads. If it’s not working in your country then you can try VPN.


So these are our top picks for the best site to watch free live tv. There are definitely other websites present but in our opinion these are the best and you should give them a try. So no matter where you are and what you are doing you can always have your TV on your phone. We hope you liked our article and we hope you got what you were looking for! Thank you for visiting our page.

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