Top 10 Best Apps Like FaceTune 2022

We live in a world where pictures tell more stories than books. No matter where we are, it is a must to take a picture and share it with friends or family on a social media platform. And when it comes to social media, everyone prefers perfection to reality. The perfection comes from the editing or the filters. If you are someone who loves taking pictures or selfies then you would certainly know the drill behind a good or more importantly a flawless picture, and that is a good editing app. One of such well reputable and highly recognized apps is Facetune.
Facetune doesn’t need an introduction, it has already got popularity among the people and has millions of downloads on both Android and iOS. Some of the reasons behind its popularity are an easy-to-use interface, plenty of filters, editing tools, and tons of other features. Although, nothing is perfect and this also includes Facetune. While for some users Facetune is sacred and they can’t live without it, others might be okay with its alternatives. The reason why some people would go for an alternative is that it offers paid services and they will have to pay a fee to use it. Moving on, some users also find its mechanism a little more complicated than it should be.
So it’s natural that people are looking for the best apps like Facetune. Well, the thing is there are plenty of apps like FaceTune available, but not all of them are ideal for our use. This is why you need to be careful and pick the most useful one. Here, we have stepped up and decided to help you to choose the best apps like FaceTune. We have selected the top 10 apps like FaceTune that you need to know about. Go ahead and check these out, and then select the one you liked the most.

Best Apps Like FaceTune

1. CreamCam

Best Apps Like FaceTune
CreamCam is one of the best apps like FaceTune that you can find. This app has got everything that you can look at in a FaceTune alternative. In fact, CreamCam is also considered one of the top competitors of FaceTune. So if you are a selfie lover who wants to achieve flawless skin and complexion in their pictures then CreamCam is something that you would like to try out. The app has a very simple user interface that you would find easy to use. There are loads of filters available in this app. All of them are pretty amazing to use and have the best quality and variety as well.
The fun part here is that you won’t need any kind of tutorial or guide to learn how to use this app. You can easily use the app without having any kind of issue. Another one of the best things about this app is it’s fully automatic. This means you won’t have to do any kind of manual thing to get the desired result. Because of its automatic feature, the app makes the best choice for beginners or those who don’t want any complicated procedures to get their photos edited.
CreamCam also comes with a feature where you can easily remove the blemishes like acne, wrinkles, dark spots, and more. The brightness fixer also helps you to remove the uneven skin tone as well. Overall, there are plenty of reasons why it makes the best apps like FaceTune and why you should download it straight away as well.

2. Camera360

Top Apps Like FaceTune
Camera360 is one of the most popular photo editing apps in the world and it surely makes the best app like FaceTune as well. The app is quite popular and it has earned its popularity throughout the years. The app has got so many reasons that would impress you and become a high-end editing app to download. The most interesting thing about this app is that it features the best interface which is simple and user-friendly. It also has some extra features that make it an ideal choice for a FaceTune alternative.
The app is super easy to use and you will be happy to know that it is free as well. So you don’t need to spend some extra bucks just to get a flawless picture. The app can be easily used on any smartphone whether it’s iOS or Android. You will also get some cloud storage with this app, so you can also tackle the storage problem on your phone.
You can just take the picture in this app directly or you can import the already existing picture from the gallery. You will find all your options right in front of you. Even though it isn’t fully automatic like the aforementioned app like FaceTune yet you won’t find it difficult to use. This app is quite popular for its features and user-friendly editing tools, so if that’s what you are looking for, you might want to give it a try.

3. Pixlr-o-matic

Best App Like FaceTune
This app isn’t as fancy as its name sounds, it is often described as simple and neat. So people who often like to get their photos editing done using a simpler and clutter-free interface like this app. This one is undoubtedly the best apps like FaceTune to use and you would surely like to explore it out.
You can easily use the app without having to go through any guide because it is that simple. As you open the app, you find all the tools right in front of you. It might take some time to get used to the app. After that, you will love using it. You can either take a picture in this app directly or select one from the gallery. Then, you might want to try out different editing tools or impressive filters. There are plenty of filters to use as well, so you won’t have any shortage of filters to try on.
Overall, if you are looking forward to something classy and elegant, as well as an app that can do it all then this should be your first choice.

4. Perfect365

Top Best Apps Like FaceTune
Perfect365 is another one of the best apps like FaceTune that you want to know about. The app would certainly impress you as you can make any picture-perfect and social media-worthy. The app has got the best reviews and high ratings as well. You will also find several makeup features that include different color wings and aesthetic add ones. So anyone who loves to put on some makeup in their pictures but doesn’t have time to do so in real life then this app would be the best choice.
When you import a picture from the gallery to the app, it will automatically recognize the key points that need some adjustments. This will save you some time as you can quickly add the filters or makeup and make your picture-perfect. It can also widen your smile, stretch out your face, add some makeup, and add a wig.
Overall, this app is capable of doing a lot that you could have imagined. So there is no wonder why people are going crazy after this app as well.

5. Snapseed

Apps Like FaceTune
Snapseed is another one of the top apps like FaceTune that you need to check out. This one also got everything that you can ask from a photo editing tool and even more. It is used by millions of people across the world and it also got a high rating as well. The app is free to download on iOS or Android so you don’t need to spend any money here.
One of the things that have impressed me the most about this app is that you can do professional-level photo editing. But there is no need for you to be tech-savvy or a photoshop expert, it is quite easier to use and you would certainly find it reliable as well.
The app has got world-class editing tools featuring edit brushes and film filters. You can easily get smooth and colorful finishes as well. The app is quite user-friendly, and even beginners can use it without any issues. Overall, anyone looking for a more professional photo editing app than FaceTune should surely check out Snapseed.

6. Relook

Relook is another one of the best apps that you should get if you are looking for the best apps like FaceTune. This one has a clutter-free interface, which means no complicated tools or photo editing procedures to start with. The app also features a wide variety of filters and editing tools, so you can surely find the ideal features for your photos.
This one also features some expert-level photo editing tools that can give you some magazine-quality photos as well. You will find plenty of tools that can give you flawless skin and a perfect picture. From getting rid of blemishes to having an even skin tone, you can do everything with this app.
Overall, this is the best app likes FaceTune for iOS, and that too for free. So go ahead and check it out.

7. Visage Lab

Cool Apps Like FaceTune
Visage Lab is another one of the best apps like FaceTune that you would like to explore. This app is known for its customization tools and you can easily edit your photos with the tools that are ideal for your skin tone and face type. The app has got the best algorithms that automatically do the face retouch up. You can easily remove the wrinkles, pimples, and other blemishes and make your face flawless.
There are plenty of customizable filters and settings and you would easily find the perfect one for yourself. There are millions of people using this app across the world and they all are happy with its functionality. This photo editing tool might just work with a click, which is quite amusing for people who don’t want to spend hours getting the perfect picture.

8. Meitu-Beauty Camera

Good Apps Like FaceTune
The next top-rated app like FaceTune that we have found is Meitu-Beauty Camera. It is also a perfect alternative for anyone looking to get the best picture without having to go through tons of editing tools. The simpler interface and beginner-friendly approach of this editing app are what make this app popular among users.
Some of the social media influencers have given this app high ratings as they like the way it edits its pictures. Here again, you will find tons of pictures and editing tools, which makes this app for everyone.
With this app, you can easily straighten your nose, widen your smile, and whiten your teeth. So there is hardly anything that you won’t find in this app. Give this app a try and you won’t be disappointed.

9. RetouchMe

App Like FaceTune
RetouchMe is another one of the best apps like FaceTune that you would love to try out. There are plenty of amazing features that make this app quite amusing and ideal for users across the globe. The high-quality retouchers are something that would impress you a lot.
Here, you won’t have to deal with the watermarks so there is no way your followers would know that you have used an editing app on your pictures. You can either use the free filters or you can also get the premium version so go ahead try it out.

10. YouCam Perfect

Best Apps Like FaceTune
YouCam Perfect has also made a perfect alternative for FaceTune so you would certainly want to try it out. The app yet again is used by millions of people across the world. One of the things that users have appreciated this app for is its wide range of filters.
You would be able to instantly edit the pictures without having to spend your valuable time here. One of the things that makes it unique is the collage feature and you can also add a great frame to the picture as well. Overall, it is user-friendly and you would get the best experience with this tool so go ahead and give it a try.


So these are some of the best apps like FaceTune that you need to know about. These aforementioned apps like FaceTune on Android and iOS are pretty amusing. They work just fine and some of them are absolutely free to use as well. You won’t have any difficulty editing your photos and getting the desired results as well. All of these apps like FaceTune have got a huge user base, high rating, and a simpler interface. So no matter which one you pick you will get a great alternative for FaceTune.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything you have been looking for, that is, the best app like FaceTune.

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