1375+ Most Popular American Indian Names (Boys/Girls) 2022

Finding a perfect name for your child can be a tough task but it becomes even tougher if the parents are from two different cultures, as they both would want to name their child which represents their culture and heritage as well as has a deep meaning.
The thing with Indian names is they all have some meaning but you can’t choose an entirely Indian name for your child as it should have an American touch to it.
But how would you find a name that has both Indian and American touch and represent both the countries? We that’s why we are here to save you the trouble from going over thousands of names.
In this article, we have listed out some amazing American Indian names that we think you would like! So take a look at the list and find the best one for your child!

American Indian Names For Boys

If you are specifically searching for an American Indian name for a boy then this list would definitely help you. As we have gathered up some very amazing Indian American names for boys.

American Indian named For Girls

Naming a girl can be a tough job, you want a strong yet very elegant and beautiful name for your baby girl and that’s why parents take a lot of effort when it comes to naming their girl child. In this list, we have listed our some really beautiful American Indian names for girls, which we think would be perfect for your little princess.
american indian names

American Indian Names

  • Alawa: Pea: Algonquian
  • Aleshanee: She plays all the time: Coo
  • Alsoomse: Independent: Algonquian
  • Altsoba: All are at war: Navajo
  • Amadahy: Forest water: Cherokee
  • Anaba: She returns from war: Navajo
  • Angpetu: Radiant: Sioux
  • Angwusnasomtaqa: Crow mother spirit: Hopi
  • Ankti: Repeat dance: Hopi
  • Anna: Mother: Algonquian
  • Atepa: Wigwam: Choctaw
  • Awanatu: Turtle: Miwok
  • Awenasa: My home: Cherokee
  • Awinita: Fawn: Cherokee
  • Ayasha: Little one: Chippewa
  • Ayashe: Little one: Chippewa
  • Ayita: First to dance: Cherokee
  • Catori: Spirit: Hopi
  • Cha’kwaina: One who cries: Hopi
  • Chapa: Beaver: Sioux
  • Chapawee: Industrious: Sioux
  • Cha’risa: Elk: Hopi
  • Chenoa: Dove: Native American Origin
  • Chepi: Fairy: Algonquian
  • Chilam: Snowbird: Native American Origin
  • Chimalis: Bluebird: Native American Origin
  • Chitsa: Fair: Native American Origin
  • Chochmingwu: Corn mother Hopi
  • Cholena: Bird: Native American Origin
  • Dena: Valley: Native American Origin
  • Doba: There was no war: Navajo
  • Doli: Bluebird: Navajo
  • Donoma: Visible sun: Omaha
  • Dowanhowee: Singing voice: Sioux
  • Dyani: Deer: Native American Origin
  • Ehawee: Laughing maid: Sioux
  • Elu: Beautiful: Zuni
  • Enola: Solitary: Native American Origin
  • Etenia: Rich: Native American Origin
  • Eyota: Great: Native American Origin
  • Fala: Crow: Choctaw
  • Flo: Arrow: Native American Origin
  • Gaho: Mother: Native American Origin
  • Galilahi: Attractive: Cherokee
  • Genesee: Beautiful valley: Iroquois
  • Gaagii: Raven: Navajo
  • Gad: Juniper tree: Navajo
  • Gawonii: He is speaking: Cherokee
  • Gomda: Wind: Kiowa
  • Hachi: Stream: Seminole
  • Haiwee: Dove: Shoshone
  • Hakidonmuya: Time of waiting: Hopi
  • Haloke: Salmon: Navajo
  • Halona: Of happy fortune: Native American Origin
  • Hantaywee: Faithful: Sioux
  • Hateya: To press with the foot: Miwok
  • Halian: Youthful: Zuni
  • Hania: Spirit warrior: Hopi
  • Hanska: Tall: Sioux
  • Harkahome: Little robe: Cheyenne
  • Hassun: Stone: Algonquian
  • Hastiin: Man: Navajo
  • Hawiovi: Going down the ladder: Hopi
  • He lush ka: Fighter: Winnebago
  • Heammawihio: Wise one above: Cheyenne
  • Helaku: Sunny day: Native American Origin
  • Helki: To touch: Miwok
  • Imala: She who Disciplines: Native American Origin
  • Isi: Deer: Choctaw
  • Istas: Snow: Native American Origin
  • Ituha: Sturdy oak: Native American Origin
  • Izusa: White stone: Native American Origin
  • Igasho: Wanders: Native American Origin
  • Iiniwa: Bison or buffalo: Blackfoot
  • Illanipi: Amazing: Native American Origin
  • Inteus: Has no shame: Native American Origin
  • Istaqa: Coyote man: Hopi


These are the best American indian baby names. I hope you guys like our collection of american indian baby. If you have any question or suggestion then just contact us. Thanks

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