Top 4 Best Lord Of The Rings Books To Read

The Lord of the Rings is one of the best fantasy series that you can read. The series is written by J.R.R Tolkien. It started as a sequel to the children’s fantasy book The Hobbit, but it become even bigger and now counted as one of the best high fantasy novel series that you will ever read. Till now the series has sold over 150 million copies.
The story of the book is set in Middle Earth, the world at some distant time in the past. The story follows the character of Dark Lord Sauron, who has created the One Ring which can overpower and rule the other Rings of Weapon. There are also four hobbits, Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin.
The series was supposed to be only one book with two volumes but then J.R.R Tolkien made it a trilogy with each book having two volumes. The books have been translated into 38 languages now and it has become one of the best Fantasy series on an international level.
Since there are many books in the series and the books have to be read in chronological order or else there would be no point. And a lot of people get confused and don’t know the right order of the books, so we have decided to make a list of The Lord of the Rings books in order. Take a look at the given list and find out the correct order for reading the series.

Lord Of The Rings Books

1. The Hobbit

lord of the rings books

Although The Hobbit isn’t a part of The Lord of the Rings series, since the story of the series is inspired by this book, so it naturally becomes a book that you can read before you start the actual book series.
The Hobbit is a children’s fantasy novel that was published in 1937. The book also is known as There and Back Again. The story was set in Tolkien’s fictional Universe where some quests and riddles need to be solved to find the treasure. The main characters in this book include Bilbo and Gandalf and a few dwarfs. This book is totally optional for someone who wants to read The Lord of the Rings but we can assure you it’s fun and you might be able to understand a little more about Tolkien’s universe or the characters.

2. The Fellowship of the Ring

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The Fellowship of the Rings is where The Lord of the Rings series starts making it the first book in the order of the series. It was originally published in the year 1954.
The story starts with The Rings of Power that have been created by eleven smiths and Sauron, the Dark Lord. There is one ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, and One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. The Dark Lord has filled one ring with his own power so that he can rule them all. Although the ring isn’t in the possession of the Dark Lord as it was taken by Bilbo Baggings. And now he has given the Ring to young Frodo to keep it safe.
Now the story follows the young Frodo and what he does with the ring and how the dark lord reacts to all this.
The book was pretty successful at the time it was published and till now. Everyone appreciated Tolkein for his writing and storyline.

3. The Two Towers

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The Two Towers is the next book in the series and it was published in the year 1954.
The story continues from the events of the last book and Frodo and his friends are still struggling to keep the ring safe from Dark Lord and other people who might destroy it or possess it. They met a lot of people and experience so many things and this just makes it more and more adventurous. To there surprise, there is a mysterious figure who is following them everywhere they go, who could it be? And what does it want with them?

4. The Return of the King

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The third and final book in The Lord of the Rings was published in the year 1955.
The story starts with the kingdom of Gondor which might get attacked by the Dark Lord, Sauron! And then comes the time when the evil and the good forces battle against each other and decide the fate of The Ring!


Here we have listed down The Lord of the Rings books for you and you won’t have any problem in reading the series or finding the correct order of books. We have also described the plot of each book so that it can help you better to know which book features what story.
So thank you for visiting our page and we hope our article was helpful.

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