5 Best Harry Potter Games (Android/Iphone) 2023

Harry Potter is my one and true love. Though I read the books when I was 17 but since then I have become a huge fan of Harry Potter.
Every child has dreamt of himself in the Hogwarts, they must have picked their favorite houses and teachers. They must have bought the robes, the wands and possess anything related to Harry potter.
For those die-hard harry potter fan I have personally picked the 5 best harry potter game that will try to fill the void of Hogwarts in your life.

Harry Potter Games

best harry potter games

1. Harry potter: hogwarts mystery Android / Iphone

top harry potter games
Hogwarts Mystery is the kind of game which no Potterhead should miss out on. I was already in love with the name, but then I actually played it and found out how awesome this harry potter game actually is.
Your joinery in this game starts as a Hogwarts student but there is so much more to explore than just potion classes or defense against dark arts. You will be on an adventure of Hogwarts mystery.
Choose your life in the Hogwarts and learn magic spells or even duel against rivals. You can even play Quidditch. If you are a true Potterhead then you must try to it least once.

2. Harry potter: wizards unite Android / Iphone

best harry potter games for android
Harry Potter wizards unite is 2nd in our harry potter games list for a reason. You will have to be a hero for the magic world as calamity has fallen on the wizarding world.
Something mysterious is happening around you which is causing a great amount of danger to the wizarding world and everyone is at risk – the people, magical artifact and even people’s memories. You have to solve this mystery of calamity with other famous and powerful wizards from all around the world.
Try to save the wizarding world from exposing to muggles with your magic skills.

3. Ultimate harry potter trivia Android / Iphone

best harry potter games for iphone
As you have gotten the idea of nature of this harry potter game, it is a harry potter trivia game which will test your knowledge about Harry potter.
We all claim to be the greatest harry potter fan, the Potterheads but are we? Well find out through this trivia game and know if you are a great fan of Harry Potter as you think you are!
Challenge yourself or challenge your friends to test the harry potter knowledge. It is a great harry potter game to play with other Potterheads, do try it out.

4. Patronus harry potter quiz Android

harry potter best games
It is also an amazing harry potter game to play where you will get the Hogwarts letter and become the wizard! But that just the starting.
You will attend a sorting ceremony where you will discover your house. But what’s unique about this game is it lets you discover your patrons too! You think it will be doe, lion or you have something else in your mind. Well, there just one way to find out that is you have to download this game.

5. Harry potter wizard quiz: u8q Android

free harry potter games
Yet again a harry potter quiz game but what makes it different is you can even choose the book for which you wanna take the quiz. As we all know books are little different from the movies so this will provide you a wide range of questions.
You can even choose random feature which will ask you questions from all the 7 books randomly, isn’t it fun?


So these were the 5 best harry potter game that we are sure you will simply fall in love with. Prove how great a harry potter fan you are and give yourself a little treat through these games.

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