21+ Fantastic Games To Play With Your Cousins 2023

Meeting your closest relatives and other family members is wonderful at family gatherings. It’s the ideal chance to organize a fun game night so that everyone has pleasure. We offer the games you need if you’re seeking activities for family get-togethers. Game nights with the family are wonderful opportunities for closeness when you may laugh endlessly with your cousins and loved ones. So, today, this article will discuss some of the wonderful games to play with your cousins when they come to your home on the weekends or on vacations.
Do you recall how happy you were in the past when your cousins came to meet? Not to forget how wonderful and priceless those evenings spent playing games with cousins were. We all like spending time with our relatives, friends, and cousins. There are several family games to play with kids and adults to facilitate relationships and spend some quality time together.

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Games To Play With Your Cousins

1. Doodle With Noodle

The difficulty in this game is that the participants cannot utilize their hands to construct the pattern, which will cause a frenzy of laughter in the audience.
All you have to do is to get noodles or spaghetti macaroni in order to enjoy this fun game.
Simply utilizing their mouth and lips, players must shape the noodles into an alphanumeric letter or a figure.
To create it much more intriguing, individuals may impose time limitations.
If there are more participants, turn it into community work by instructing each group to achieve a brief word rather than a single letter.

2. Pass The Story

You will need a pen and some blank paper to play this fascinating game, which is guaranteed to inspire some original ideas.
The sheet is folded sideways after the first player puts on the first line. Only a few words need to be added to the second line before it is passed on to the following player.
All succeeding participants must correctly identify the first line, finish the next line when it is unfinished, and then add a few phrases to the new line before giving it to the following player with the first line’s preceding phrases wrapped and hidden.
When everyone has finished expressing their ideas on the paper, reveal it to display the finished narrative.
An amusing and bizarre tale will be the conclusion.

3. Never Have I Ever

This particular game will undoubtedly expose all of your cousins’ private details. You’ll need ceramic mugs, your preferred beverage, a muck bowl, and bits of paper for this activity.
On the sheets of paper, jot down some amusing remarks, wrap them up, and place them in the large bowl.
Compose inquiries like, Never Have I Danced in the Toilet or Never Have I Tried Dog or Cat Food, for example.
Each cousin may take a place in a ring while holding a drinking glass.
One query can be posed by each player at a time, and whoever has completed so must then take another shot. As you take further shots, the fun really begins!

4. Man Hunt

For a game night with your cousins, there is a hide-and-seek game that is quite entertaining.
You’ll need two sirens, two timers, and one torchlight for each pair if you want to enjoy this game.
The players should be divided into two teams, with each team leader receiving a whistle and a timer.
As well as establishing firm boundaries, you must choose a location for the base camp.
In order to allow the opposing team enough time to conceal, preferably in couples, the very first team sets their timer to, for instance, 3 minutes.
The team leader must sound the whistle when those three minutes are over before the search can start.
Players must also become hunters if any hunters manage to capture them.
The hidden side must come to base camp and sound the whistle, together with their leader and the bulk of their squad, in order to prevail in this contest.

5. Playing sentences

This family game is so much fun to play with your cousins, and it’s also a great way to spark your imagination. The outcomes are indeed amusing; it’s like playing Pictionary and Telephone at the same time. You should start by composing a sentence about someone present at the time and passing it to the following person and then you will have to sketch it.

6. Scattergories

This is similar to a handmade version of Scattergories, one of our favorite games to play with your cousins as well as other family members. It contains entertaining printouts and suggestions so that the participants may have fun brainstorming various 5-letter terms and classifications to employ.

7. The Name Game

Another amusing and pleasant game that you may play with your cousins is this one. Everyone creates a person’s name for this activity but keep it a secret and remember it! The names will then be written on paper slips and picked subsequently. Everyone attempts to identify the individual based on the hints provided! Playing this game with your cousins is a terrific method to hone your acting abilities.

8. Egg Race

The egg race is a classic activity at family gatherings to enjoy with cousins and works well with large groups. Each person should pick a companion, face them, and then take a position around 30 feet apart. All the competitors in this game will place a spoon in their mouth and then the first player puts an egg on a spoon and passes it to their colleague who is standing across from them. They have to pass the egg, without having it drop, from their spoon to the spoon of their partner. To triumph, the teammate must then carry the egg back to the opposing side.
Everyone is competing against one another, and your team is eliminated if you dump the egg.

9. Charades

When everyone is weary and grumpy, this time-honored pastime with cousins that requires no props is the ideal diversion. Your imagination is all that’s required for play. Alternate who comes up with the ideas and who performs them. Depending on the age range participating, instructions can be as straightforward or complicated as you desire.

10. Pong

If you find some Solo cups (or maybe something equivalent) and ping pong balls lying around, you may really enjoy it with your cousins and other family members (without alcohol, of course). Decide how to arrange the cups, then divide the family into groups. Give everyone a chance to successfully place the ping pong balls within the cups. Alter the game by asking everyone to throw the ball once before you or come up with your own iterations of this enjoyable family game.

11. Hot Potato

Certainly, the most hesitant gamer can be won over by Hot Potato for some reason. Once the music begins playing, it’s difficult to stay out of it completely! Utilize a hot potato tune from YouTube that stops and starts at various times, or make a fun mix that your cousins and relatives will enjoy. Your potato can be any vegetable that is moderately soft and passable.

12. Hallway Laser Maze

There are many entertaining activities you can accomplish with a roll of painter’s tape if you’ve got it in the yard to amuse the family or cousins. Construct your own laser labyrinth by running the tape from one side to the other at different heights and positions. Then, challenge each member of the family to navigate the maze without demolishing it.

13. 20 Questions

This age-old game, which is most frequently enjoyed in cars or as an appetizer, is already well-known to everyone. Repackage it for the cousins or relatives, perhaps while everyone is completing supper one evening. It’s simple to play, loads of fun, and only a little bit of mental effort is needed.

14. Movie Quotes Game

Many games that ask players to identify lines from various movies are available in stores. However, why buy anything when you can produce your own for free? You may make your own “Guess the Movie” activity by jotting down a number of well-known movie lines on handwritten notes, one phrase per card, with only a little preliminary planning (and some assistance from the internet). Keep all of your quotations related to a single topic, like comedy or Disney, flicks, for a humorous spin.

15. Rummy

This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your cousins to Gin Rummy if they are a little older. Even though it requires a little more skill than Go Fish or War, once they master it, this entertaining card game may go on for hours. You need to recall the regulations that apply in this situation.

16. LEGO Challenge

Ask your relatives or other family members to join you in a LEGO tournament by gathering them all together. There are many other strategies to go about doing this, but my favorite one is to write down a number of construction tasks (such as “make a vehicle” or “build a firehouse”) on a deck of playing cards, then choose one and solve the problem using just LEGO and your creativity. To maintain fairness, switch up who gets to evaluate the work.

17. Don’t Eat Pete

Here is a game that is appropriate for kids and adults of all ages and can be customized for just about any occasion with your cousins or friends. Don’t Eat Pete is a simple game that just needs a printable playing card to play. One player departs the room to begin the game while the others examine the figures on the card and choose which one will be called “Pete”, then they cover each figure with chocolate candy. When they get back, they start chewing on each candy one by one. Someone exclaims, “Don’t eat Pete!” as they prepare to consume the chunk of Pete.

18. Heads Up

A guessing game called “Heads Up” challenges you to identify the term, person, music, or movie that is hoisted over your head and displayed on the app.
Your cousins or other relatives will be required to install the app to their phones in order to participate in this. Then, everybody immediately starts putting the application up to their heads and trying to guess their way to success. To avoid ruining the game, you’ll really utilize video conferencing that allows you to momentarily conceal your own camera.

19. Mario Kart Tour

To compete for the most Mario Kart Tour victories, gather your family members or cousins together and issue each other tasks. Although even the most inexperienced player can enjoy this incredibly quickly game, it is ideal for aficionados of video games.
Make absolutely sure your close relatives download Mario Kart Tour before your gaming night so they can participate in the excitement.

20. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros is the ideal fighting game if you’re hunting for something you can simply put in and engage with your cousins on the couches.  Players might choose from a large collection of characters from Nintendo and other properties, and then knock each other up in a variety of venues utilizing a wide assortment of weapons from that character’s armory.
This is possibly the title that you can instruct the younger cousins about as you may have experienced earlier versions on the Gamecube or N64.

21. Outriders

The most recent game from Square Enix and People Can Fly will be fantastic if you like Borderlands. You may pick from four distinct avatars in this multiplayer third-person attacker: The Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, and Trickster. Each has special talents that are uniquely theirs. The Technomancer and Trickster are for those who desire more strategic objective fighters, whereas the Devastator and Pyromancer are for those who prefer explosive assaults like earthquakes. The Trickster can change time, but the Technomancer employs tools like turrets. There are many different weapons to find and customize your character with.

22. Rocket League

The objective of Rocket League, without offense intended, is to cooperate as a group of four players to utilize your vehicles to kick the puck into the net of the other side and collect points. Rocket League is simple to pick up and play thanks to its straightforward mechanics. You could have an opportunity to beat the cousins at this if the greatest goaltender was a limousine. Will your younger cousin defeat you, probably not, it’s possible that you’ll not bother.


Regardless of where you are, these are some of the games that you may enjoy with your cousins and family members. Pick a good combination of traditional games and more contemporary entries to the gaming industry for the finest games to play with your cousins.

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