5 Amazing Fighting Racing Games For PC (Bike/Car) 2023

There are people who are crazy about fighting games where they get to show their power by defeating their opponent in combat and similarly there are people who love to race, for them there is nothing greater than racing off and show them the power of speed!
But what if we tell you that we have found something that can feel both needs of a fighting game and a racing game? Well it sounds weird at first but fighting racing games have become one of the popular genre among the youth. And people love it how they can race and still engage in combat!
We know the fighting racing games sounds fun but we also know that you are not aware of many games of this genre and that is why we are here to help you. We have picked the top 5 fighting racing games for PC for you, which are among the best and you will love to play them!

Fighting Racing Games For PC

best fighting racing games

1. Bloody rally show

car fighting racing game
Bloody rally show is one of the best fighting car racing game which you can find and you will definitely like it for its amazing race tracks. The games feature some missions, through which you can climb up the leaderboard and become a champion.
What you will find in this fighting racing game is car battle and you will also love its customization features. The game also features multiple game modes too so that you won’t get bored playing in just one way!

2. Asphalt 9: legends

fighting car racing games
Asphalt 9 is one of the best fighting racing games. The game features some of the best cars to choose from ( there are 48 cars). There are three playing modes, they are career, multiplayer and event! Each holds a significant fun and adventure. Event mode will feature daily championship, in career mode you can play alone, and lastly in multiplayer mode you can play against other players online.
Another great feature of this game is its beautifully designed race tracks which are set in different locations of Himalayas, Osaka, Scotland, Caribbean and so on.


fighting racing games for pc
Grip is one of the best fighting car racing game. Grip was developed by Caged Element and published by Wired Productions. You can play it on both single-player and multiplayer mode. It perfectly defines the term fighting racing game as it is full of speed and hi-octane and hardcore racing. The cars are equipped with advanced weapons.
You won’t find a better fighting racing game then grip and if you are a true fan then you are gonna love it for sure!

4. Wreckfest

pc fighting racing games
Another great fighting racing game is wreck fest! The game features a realistic game engine where you can actually feel the damage while you drive! The game features vehicular combat along with racing and you can enjoy this one either in single-player mode or multiplayer mode.
It has the best controls and stunning graphics and people enjoy it for its realistic features. Not only you will have to race and show your speed but you will also have to give a strategic approach and that’s what’s gonna keep you engaged for a longer period of time.

5. Mashed

racing fighting games
Last but not least Mashed is also an amazing fighting racing game for pc. The game features vehicular combat which is more fun than ever. You can play this game with up to four players in its multiplayer mode. Overall it’s a fun game to play when you wanna race and fight at the same time!


So these are our top picks for the best fighting racing games for pc.

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