Top 16 Christmas Games To Play With Friends 2023

The holiday season has begun and it is finally the time of year when you can get to meet your friends, family, and loved ones. It’s a great chance to meet our friends and spend some quality time away from work and day-to-day hustle. There are plenty of events that you might get to go to such as Thanksgiving dinners, Halloween parties, get together, new years eve, and most importantly Christmas parties. We all love Christmas and everything that comes with it. Be it the food, lights, or meeting new people, everything about Christmas is magical in its own way.
There are plenty of amazing activities that you get to do at Christmas parties. Such as drinking, playing games, sharing stories, or even just watching Christmas movies. If you are meeting your friends this Christmas or hosting a party for them, you want to plan the parties and include some fun and entertaining activities. If there is anything that can get everyone’s attention and get everyone involved at any party then it’s the games or drinking.
There are plenty of games that you can play at parties, but if you want to play Christmas games specifically then you might want to know what are the popular Christmas games and how you can play them with your friends.
Well, we are here to help you and make your Christmas a little bit more jolly. That is why we have selected some of the best Christmas games to play with friends. Go ahead and take a look at the following Christmas games and play these with your friends this Christmas.

Christmas Games To Play With Friends

1. Christmas Guess Who

If you don’t know what game you should play at the Christmas party or dinner then this is the best game to have some fun with your friends.
You don’t need much to play this game, just some sticky notes. You can write the name of one of your friends on a sticky note and stick it on the forehead of another person. Now everyone or one person will give them clues about the person and they will have to guess who it is.
It’s a great game as you will know how your friends see you and also it’s fun to imitate your friends.

2. Find the pickle

This game is not just a game but also a tradition in Germany. This is a pretty fun game to play as it’s quick and doesn’t require more props or even space.
You have to hide the pickle on the Christmas tree and whoever finds the pickle first wins the game. You can repeat the game as many times and people in groups of two can play against each other. To make the game more interesting you can set some punishments and rewards for the winner and loser.

3. Christmas Murder Mysteries

If you have a big party and have all your friends over then the most fun game you can play is the Christmas murder mysteries. This game is a classic and has been played for many generations.
One of the friends would be a murderer and others will be innocent. Now, it’s a mission to find the murderer and expose them before they kill someone else. This game can be played with the murder mystery cards and it will be pretty fun to play.
You can make up your own rules or follow the traditional ones to expose the murderer or even to find one.

4. Merry Dissmas

If you have a fun crowd and all the friends have close ties with each other then it’s time to roast them and have some fun.
This game is all about roasting your friends at the party. There are some questions that you can take up to answer to roast one of your friends. Questions such as, who gives the worst gifts, who is the worst prankster, etc.
It’s fun, it’s unique, and it can turn your Christmas party into a stand-up comedian club too. But be careful not to create drama!

5. Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game

Holidays and drinking go hand in hand, so why not play a drinking game?
Well, we don’t need a game to get drunk but it’s still fun to see who will get the most wasted just because they lost a game.
The game is pretty simple. Sit in a circle with your friends. Pick an alphabet and each friend will have to name a Christmas-related thing that starts from that alphabet. If they fail to do so they will have to drink.

6. Christmas Movies Emoji Game

We all love emojis and they have been proven very helpful in modern-day communications. So it will be fun to make a game out of emojis this Christmas.
The game is pretty fun and it’s smiling to Pictionary. You will have to guess a Christmas movie name based on the related emojis. This is going to be pretty fun. Again, you can make the loser drink a shot or make them do something and give rewards to the loser.

7. Christmas ‘Would You Rather?’ Adult Edition

It’s time that we get naughty with our friends and share some embarrassing stories too.
The would you rather is a popular game where you give a person two situations or things and they will have to choose one from them. You can give the most absurd choices and they will have to pick one of them regardless.
So be creative with this game and include some Christmas touch as well.

8. ‘Never Have I Ever’ Christmas Edition

Just like Would You Rather, Never Have I Ever too is a popular party game to play at any time and anywhere.
So Christmas is also an occasion when you can play this popular game with your friends and have some fun too.
The game is pretty fun, you need to say something that you have never done in your life. If someone has done that thing, they will have to drink a shot and also share that story too.
It can be pretty fun and would be ideal to play with friends and share some interesting stories and laughs.

9. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is an old-school game that needs no introduction. This game too is a popular pick for all parties and everyone has fun when they play this game. Regardless of your age or place, you can always enjoy this game.
The rules are simple in case you are not clear with them. One person will spin the bottle, and whoever the mouth or bottle faces will have to choose between Dare or truth. If they choose the truth then you can ask them anything and they will have to say that thing. If they choose Dare then you can give them any challenge or task and they will have to perform.

10. Two Truths and a Lie

If you wanna have some great conversations with friends and also have a great time without having to do much then this game is for you.
The rules are pretty simple and you won’t need any other prop to play this game.
You have to tell the group Two Truths and One Lie about yourself and the group has to guess which one of the lies out of the three statements. It’s pretty simple and can be a lot of fun, so let yourself lose and be creative with the lies and truths.

11. Christmas Limbo

We all love to play limbo and show how flexible we are. This is however a Christmas Limbo!
Well, this doesn’t make a lot of difference yet it can be aesthetically pleasing. You can get a scarf and two people will hold it. You have to bend and try to cross the scarf and not touch it.
You can add Christmas decorations as you want and make it feel more festive, and of course, add some rewards or punishments!

12. How Many Ornaments?

You can never go with a guessing game so we are here with one.
This Christmas game requires you to guess the ornaments on the Christmas tree. Whoever guesses right or is close would win.

13. Tacky Christmas Sweater Contest

This may not be a game but it sure is fun for Christmas. If you want to throw a theme party and don’t want it to be too fancy or over the top then this one would be a great option.
You can ask your friends to wear the most absurd Christmas sweater and whoever wears the worst sweater wins the game. It’s fun, it’s sweet, and it’s pretty easy too.

14. 20 Questions (Christmas Edition)

20 Questions to is an amazing game that has been played for a long time. This is a game that you can play anytime and anywhere, and with anyone which makes it the perfect Christmas game to play with friends.
Each one has to think of one thing in their head and your friend will have to guess what you have thought about. They can ask 20 questions to get most of the clues and get to know what the person has thought.

15. Name That Holiday Scent

It’s also a nice game to play with friends on Christmas. All you need to do is to collect several scented candles and blindfold one person. The blindfolded person will have to guess what scent it is, if they guess it then they win. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it smells great so why not.

16. Gingerbread House Competition

This is for those who like to cook and do all the Christmassy. Who doesn’t like to make or eat a gingerbread house right? It is also a great Christmas movie snack too. So why don’t you make your friends compete with each other? Make all of your friends bake gingerbread and build a beautiful house. Whoever makes the best house wins the game.
It’s not exactly a game you would be looking for but it will enhance the Christmas spirit for sure.


So these are some of the best Christmas games to play with friends and most people enjoy them. We have listed out a wide variety of games for you so you can easily choose some of them according to the group of friends you have and their preferences.
Overall, you have the games you would like to play and you have a group of friends, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan a Christmas party this year and have lots of fun.
That would be all for now and we hope you found this article helpful, so make sure to visit this site for more such content in the future!

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